About Us

My name is Rev Ann M Hampton and I was ordained on October 6, 2006

Prior to that I was an Evangelist.

First Everlasting Life is a part of The Original Universal Life Church in Modesto, California.


The Headquarters Address Is:

601 3rd Street

Modesto, CA 95351

Telephone: 209-527-8111

Email: generalcontact@ulchq.com


Universal Life Church is a non-denominational, non-profit religious organization.

The Objective of ULC is Eternal Progression. 

The Belief of ULC is to do what is right.

The Slogan of ULC is to live and help live.


First Everlasting Life is an Onlinine Ministry.

Our mission at First Everlasting Life is to Go Forth and Spread the Word of "God".

We also are here to minister to the Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Emotional needs of "God's" Children.

Our Goal is to help everyone have a Fuller Life.




I am proud to be a Child of "God", Wife and Mother.


I am also a member of The Historic Tanner Chapel AME Church under the guidance and direction of 

Dr. Benjamin M Thomas, Sr.

Pastor Thomas is a devoted Husband, Father, Mentor and Man of "God."


That is why we at First Everlasting Life are Happy to be a part of Their Family.


Some of my Accomplishments through the Grace of "God" are:

Child of "God"
 Mother and Grandmother
Member of The Non-Fiction Author's Association
Member of Sister's of The Valley Social Club

*Former Grand Lady (President) of The Knights and Ladies of St. Peter Claver, Milwaukee, WI

* Former member of Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland's Pastoral Council

* Former Parish Council President St. Francis of Assissi Church

* Former Fundraising Chairperson NCNW Phoenix, AZ

* Former member Tanner Lay Organization

* 5th District Lay Organization Outstanding Evangelist of The Year

* Colorado Conference Lay Organization Evangelist of The Year

* Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree

* Certificate of Completion of Agape Bible Study Courses.

* Bible Study Teacher

* Class (Care) Leader

*  Historic Tanner Chapel AME Church Jubilee Choir President

* Former member of Tanner Chapel AME Church Missionary Society

* Former Secretary Tanner Chapel AME Church Lay Orgnization

* Former Stewardess Tanner Chapel AME Church

* Writer, Author and Business Owner

Two of my Mentors and close Friends are:

 Brother Booker T. Ashe, a cousin of tennis star Arthur Ashe.

He was a Capuchin monk who ran Milwaukee's House of Peace for the needy for more than a quarter century.

We had some great times together and I loved our card games and fundraisers. I learned so much from him

He is truley missed.


Father Matthew Gottschalk A prominent Catholic priest who co-founded Milwaukee's House of Peace.

Fr. Matthew has always been there to minister to members of the African-American Community.

I can remember him walking the streets in our neighborhood stopping and talking to everyone.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Rev Ann M. Hampton, D.D., P.S.

Child of "God", Wife, Mother, Author and Business Professional


To "God" Be The Glory




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