Are Children or The Parents In charge?

03/12/2017 17:29

Are the parents raising the children or are the children taking over.

I hear some adults say they are afraid of their children.

Children are not a burden but a blessing from "God."

According to the Bible parents are to Love, Discipline and Train their children in the ways of The Lord but society has it backwards.

I see ads on TV where the parents act like children and the children who have not lived their life act as they know more than the adults.

I can understand that they think they are smarter because of the internet but some do not have common sense.

Also children feel the can treat their parents anyway they like and do what they want because they know if the parents try to discipline them they could go to jail.

I believe this is not what "God" had intended.

Because of the lack of discipline some kids are out of control. I hear about 12 and 13 year olds car jacking, killing, having sex, doing drugs and disrepecting adults and authority.

I remember the good old days where children could not be in the same room as adults let alone talk back to them. Also if you did anything wrong we were a community and your parents would know what you had done before you got back home.

As far as our relationship with other kids we had our fights but we made up and were friends again. It would not even cross our mind to take another person's life but today it appears that it is no big deal.

If you believe in "God" and the Bible 1 Samuel 3:13 States:

Parents, who do not discipline their children, will be held accountable by "God".

I know that their is a big difference between discipline and child abuse which I feel is not acceptable to "God" but something has to change..

Children, you need to Listen, Respect and Obey your parents so you know how to bring up your own children to do "God's" will and parents you should Love and Train your children to know and Obey "God's" will.


Rev Ann Hampton