Are you Disappointed?

11/11/2013 11:44

Are You Disappointed

Do you Believe "God" can Make a Way


People everywhere are always talking about how disappointed they are. They are disappointed with The President, the congress, their lifestyle, their kids and anything else they can think of but what are you personally doing to change the situation.

What do you do when your hopes are not realized, people let you down or your desires are not fulfilled. You become disappointed and when you become disappointed, you become discourage, lose faith and  become depressed.

God knows that I like most of you have had my share of disappointments. I look back at one incident in my childhood. I use to love waking up on Easter Sunday knowing that I was going to receive a Large Basket full of candy and other gifts. I have such a sweet tooth. As I rushed to the living room and saw everyone else with their basket I asked my mom, where was my basket? She told me that I was getting too old to get an Easter Basket. I was a crushed 10 year old.Since then I've had my share of disappointments too many to report and they simply keep right on coming. I try my best to knock them down so I won't be discouraged, depressed, defeated and let Satan win. This is his strategy to invade our spirits and bring us down.

1Thessalonians 5:18 (NET) states: In everything give thanks. For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

We need to Thank "God" daily for his love, blessings and plans for our lives.  If God is enough in our lives then nothing else matters. He is in control. We have to Trust God to show him we have real faith in him.

Rev Ann M Hampton, P.S.