Be Strong and Courageous

01/12/2013 08:59

We all become fearful of something. "God" wants us to not be afraid. If we keep our eyes on "God" rather than our fears, he will work it out. If you have to do something, do it afraid. Satan uses fear to get us off track so we can't do the will of "God". When you become afraid, pray and focus on "God".


In the Old Testament, there are 107 phrases on fear and 42 in the New Testament. This tells me that "God" wants our emotions under control. In Exodus when the Israelites were trapped by the Red Sea, they were so fearful they wanted to go back to the very place that they had asked "God" to get them out of. They trusted "God" through Moses and he led them through. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Be Strong and Courageous. Pray and ask Our Father to remove your fear. Don't let Satan win the battle.