Is Covid-19 a Warning From God?

06/16/2021 15:30

Repent and Put God First


When we look at the book of Noah in the bible, before the flood people were drinking, having orgies, killing, worshiping false images and committing every kind of sin imaginable.

It appears that they are even worse now with social media and all of the other distractions. We see things and know they are wrong, but we say nothing because we don't want to be an outcast. We seem to care more about what people think than what pleases God. 

The devil has blended in and found a way to make everything that God hates acceptable. The more we focus on sex, drugs, pornography and violence the more God is pushed out of our lives. He then becomes an afterthought until we get into trouble. We would rather go to a ball game than church or worship Him. Some people thought they were living the good life until Covid hit and the world was stopped in its tracks.

Who other than God has the power to do or allow this? We are paying the price for disobedience!

All of this makes me think about the times of Noah. People were doing the same thing until the flood happened. There was also a promise though from God that He would not destroy the earth with water again. The rainbow is the symbol of that promise.

In my opinion God stopped the world in its tracks to give us an opportunity to get it right and put him first. For some reason though, we still can't see the writing on the wall.  We cry and complain about not being able to go to a restaurant rather than praying to Him and asking for His forgiveness.

We have a chance to get it right and if we do not turn things around by putting Him first, we will have a heavier price to pay than Covid.


Rev Ann M. Hampton, P.S. D.D.

First Everlasting Life Ministries