Stop Giving Up

08/30/2015 00:00

We have a tendancy to give up on things quickly, rather than listening to the voice of God. Some people say they don't hear from God or he does not care about them but that is not the case.

One reason we do not hear from God is because we give up too quickly just like we do when we start a business. If we don't give instant gratification, even though we did not put anything into it we quit. If we would have stuck with it and Listen to God, we might have been blessed.

We also spend a lot of time watching TV and doing everything we want to do rather than spending time developing a relationship with God.

Another reason we give up Listening to and for the voice of God is because we spend so much time feeling our spirit with negative thoughts like I'll never have any money, I'll never get out of debt, I'll never lose weight. Satan will defeat you with that type of attitude. He wins, you lose.

Turn your attitude around and start filling your spirit with positive thoughts. Turn that I'll never to an I am out of debt, I am losing weight, I am a child of God.

Do this daily and keep praying, obeying and Listening to and for the Voice of God and he will provide you with the desires of your heart if it is in his will at the right time.

Never stop developing your relationship with God.

Rev Ann Hampton