The Election is Over!!!!!

11/07/2018 09:17

Thank God the election is over. There is so much nastiness and evil going on that Satan has to be truly happy with what he has started.

There is so much talk about immigrants but the focus is on only one group. What about all the other immigrants that are coming to the United States on a daily basis. There is no wall for them.


If you are a true christian and follower of Christ you would heed to his commandments.

1) Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, Soul and Mind.

2) Love your neighbor as thyself. 


The 2nd Great commandment of Loving thy neighbor as thyself did not say Love Thy White Neighbor as Thyself.  It says Love thy Neighbor as thyself.


What does Jesus word says:

Moses said foreigners should be welcomed (Exodus 22:21) because you once were foreigners. People who claim they Love the Lord and follow him are hypocrites if they don't feel this way.

Genesis 23: Abraham was a stranger in the Land of Canaan.

Moses was a foreigner raised by Pharaoh's Daughter.


People really need to read there bibles because there are a lot of topics in the bible that addresses illegal Aliens or Foreigners.


Rev Ann M. Hampton