Walking with "God"

03/14/2014 13:48

What Does Walking with "God" Mean?

Walking with "God" means you are willing to live your life in the consciousness of God's presence.

You think of him not only as your Father or Lord and Savior, but a friend.

To live your life in his presence means you are willing to:

- Speak with Him daily

- Listen for Him to speak to you

- Develop a real relationship with Him

- Talk to him as you would an earthly friend

When you walk with "God" you will have

- Great Joy (Psalm 6:11)

- Abiding Peace (Psalm 16:8-11)

- Spirtual Enlightenment

- Purity of Heart

In conclusion to Walk with "God" you must obey "God". (John 14:23)

You must read his instructions in the Bible and trust Him.

Basically you must practice The Presence of "God"