The Prayers of The Righteous of "God"


Prayer is a Powerful and Effective way to communicate with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



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Wisdom: Heavenly Father, we pray for wisdom and counsel in all that we do. Please give us the strength to endure. Help us to remain positive. We need your strength.


Your Word: Heavenly Father, help us to read and study your word more. Please help us to give up things that are robbing us from spending more time with you. Please keep us in good health and strength so we may serve those around us.


Thank You: Father "God" Thank you for your "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" The Bible.


Complaints: Heavenly Father, we thank you for providing for us with or without a job. We ask that you forgive us for complaining at times as we know there is always someone else who is in worse shape. You also said you will not leave us or forsake us.


Health: Father "God" I would like to pray right now for all of those who have lost loved ones and are suffering with some type of illness. I am asking that you send the comforter down right now to help them thru this.


Financial Concerns: Father "God" we ask that you provide and guide us with your wisdom in our financial affairs because we are not doing so well. We ask that you provide an open door or escape from the traps of the enemy.


Blessings and Debt: Thank you Heavenly Father for your abundant blessings. Thank you for making me rich with spiritual blessings and I am grateful for the material blessings. I pray that you help all of your children get out and stay out of debt. The only debt I want is the debt of Love which I will gladly pay.Help all of us to show integrity in dealing with our finances. We pray in Jesus Name, Amen.


Difficult People: Heavenly Father, feel me with your Holy spirit so that I may be an example on how to deal with difficult people.


Family: (Matthew 10:21 reads) - "A brother will betray his brother to death, a father will betray his own child, and children will rebel against their 

parents and cause them to be killed. Father "God" we have many families that need your help through these troubling times but the daughter of one family in particular (you know whom I am referring to) is in jail right now for trying to kill her brother. I want to lift this family up to you in prayer that they might find peace.


Father God, I pray for the strength, courage and wisdom to do your will.






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