Thought of The Day

Is Covid-19 a Warning From God?

06/16/2021 15:30
Repent and Put God First   When we look at the book of Noah in the bible, before the flood people were drinking, having orgies, killing, worshiping false images and committing every kind of sin imaginable. It appears that they are even worse now with social media and all of the other...

We Are Saved by The Grace of God

04/01/2019 06:47
We were not created to get up, go to work, watch TV, go to bed, make a little money, retire and die. We are here because of the Grace of God and should be doing his will. God has given each of us the ability to do something well and we are to use those abilities for His Glory, not to glorify man. ©...

Are You Depressed?

03/01/2019 09:12
If you are depressed have you ever thought that maybe it is because you have stepped out of God's Protection. Start reading your Bible and Fellowship with other christians. You will be surprised. It will do wonders for your spirit. Rev. Ann M. Hampton