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Church N State, written and directed by Julian Vaughan Hampton

The premise of Church N State is about two women teaching one another about the joy of life as they face the challenges of terminal cancer.Though they have different beliefs and cultures, they learn that supporting each other is the key to battling their obstacles.
Julian Vaughan Hampton is an author of adult and children's fiction, freelancer, poetry, commentary, screenwriter, director, and a songwriter.

Fighting Olympus

When a retired police officer learns his brother has been captured by a secret society, he must infiltrate the cult to expose their crimes and rescue his brother. In this unique action/crime drama, a man must choose between family and the call of duty.

A must-see inspiring movie.

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Please listen to and follow my friend and Mentor 

Dr. Gene James of Faith Rising Christian Fellowship:

With everything that is happening in the world today, we all need to take a Close look at this video from Minister Fitz Houston on fear.

Please Listen to and follow Allen Parr of The Beat. This is just one of his many videos to inspire you.

The Beat Stands For:  Biblical Encouragement and Truth

Can you loose your Salvation.

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